What materials are used in Quality Creations products?

Traditional and era-specific metals are used to recreate products. Unless otherwise noted, the Navajo style jewelry will employ sterling silver and turquoise. The Southern Plains and Eastern Trade Silver items will be made with German silver (also called Nickel silver)

What is Nickel Silver?

Nickel silver is a hard metal that is 65% copper, 17% Zinc and 18% nickel.  There is no silver in nickel silver, and it is sometimes called German silver.  It is much less expensive than sterling silver, and is used almost exclusively in plains metalwork items

How long does it take for delivery of an order?

Orders of items displayed in the catalog will be mailed the next day that the post office is open. Parcel Post delivery depends on the customer’s distance from Florida

How much time is needed to complete a custom order?

When the order is placed, depending upon the complexity of the project, a guaranteed mailing date will be given

What type of Southwest-style jewelry is sold by Quality Creations?

Bracelets, rings and broaches are available

What if I want to place an order to have something custom made?

Go to the Contact Page and fill out the form with your custom order request. Please also let me know the best way to reach you in case I need more information about your order

Are all items hand made?

Yes, I do all work by hand using the type of tools and techniques used by Native metal workers

Why is the term “Native-style” used?

I am not a Native American, but have gained my experience through much study of the best examples of Native metalwork. I respect the designs, methods and uses of the items I make

Why doesn't Quality Creations stock product lines like most traders?

I want to provide customers with original design items which will be unique. Although I may sell several sets of arm bands in a year, no pair will be alike

How do I know what size bracelet I should buy?

Each bracelet description includes information about the circumference around the inside of the bracelet, including the gap.  To measure your wrist take a piece of heavy paper and wrap it around your wrist and mark it where it meets.  The length of that piece of paper is your circumference and should approximate the measurement of the bracelet.  Some people like a bracelet to be snug, others prefer a loose fit

Are the turquoise stones used by quality creations real?

The turquoise used by Quality Creations are “stabilized” which means that they are processed with material to harden them so they can be used in jewelry.  Experts will tell you that today only from 1% to 5% of all turquoise stones are natural, meaning they are taken directly from the mine and are not stabilized.  The turquoise used in my products meet the highest standards for turquoise jewelry

What should I do if I am unhappy with something I receive from Quality Creations?

Mail the item back to me parcel post and I will send you a check for the amount you paid plus postage