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The day I retired after spending 58 years in the workforce I stated that I was going to spend the next part of my life creating. The products on this website are a fulfillment of that vision. Although I dabbled in metal and jewelry for many years, I now commit serious time each day to improving and honing my craft. I am fascinated by the beauty and utility of Southern Plains metalwork; I am in awe at the way that Southwestern artists combine turquoise and sterling silver. Although I am not a Native American artist, I consider it a privilege to be a metal and silver smith and to offer my creations to others to enjoy. I began my interest in Native American dance, song and crafts at age 14. Currently I participate in Hethuska dances around the country, and at pow-wows I can be seen in my Fancy Dance clothes. As a twenty-six-year Army veteran with three combat tours in Vietnam, I have a great appreciation for the service and sacrifices of veterans and first responders.